Particle Measurement for Industry and Consumer Products

ORION-A uses scattering measurements at three different angles (10,40,90 degrees) to measure particle size and concentration in the submicron size range. Mie scattering calculations provide an accurate prediction of size and concentration for particles of any refractive index, namely solids or liquids.  

  • Current Applications:  Electronic cigarette aerosols (graphs on right), measuring median number and mass diameters, combined with number and mass concentrations, giving the flow-integrated puff mass in real-time.  E-cig flowrate automatically measured and no dilution required.  Good agreement is obtained between Orion-A puff mass and measured capsule mass loss. 

ORION-V uses the same optical geometry as Orion-A, but also measures the RMS fluctuation of the scattering signal ("Variance ratio") to determine size and concentration of particles with mean size above 1 micron, including solids or liquids. 

  • Current Applications:  Size and concentration measurements of catheter sprays used for recellularization in a lung bio-reactor for medical research.  See figure below for liquid spray.

Other Applications for ORION:

• Laboratory & Field Research
• Power Plant Stack Emission Testing
• Spray & Vapor Testing
• Powder Milling & Processing Testing
• Filter Testing
• and more

ORION Specifications:

• Size Range—0.05–100 Microns
• Concentration—10 ng/m3–100 g/m3
•Velocity—Any Velocity up to 100 m/s
• Particle Materials—Solids, Liquids
• Environment—Up to 300C & 5 Bar
• Rapid—10 Hz Data Acquisition Rate

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